Motorsport Training

Throughout his career in motorsport, Roly has coached and mentored many successful young drivers and race engineers. Roly enjoys passing on his knowledge and skills to young drivers and can offer one-to-one support for all levels.

Roly’s coaching and one to one mechanical training can cover a range of technical knowledge and understanding the complexity of race car setup which includes:

  1. Dampers, Differentials, bump rubbers to third spring arrangements, high loaded and low loaded corner/fast and slow cornering speed roll bar and ride height control, curb setup, suspension geometry, braking/down shift, aero balance, pre-testing program, tyre pressure and cambers.
  2. Other support and strategies can be offered to manage: pre- race and testing build up, working with your team and controlling nerves.
  3. Qualifying and race strategy, data analysis and sports psychology.
  4. Supporting team and driver.
  5. Tuition can be arranged at circuits throughout the UK and Europe. To discuss further details about a programme of support, please contact Roly.
  6. An on track driver coach for the more detailed track knowledge.


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